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2015 Tour of Sufferfest

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2015 Tour of Sufferlandria

You may have recently read my review of Nine Hammers from The Sufferfest and may have even purchased a video or two since. You are right in time for the best “free” world wide cycling tour there is, Tour of Sufferlandria! Starting on January 24th, Sufferlandrians, Knights and Dames will be riding through 9 stages consisting of a total of 12 videos.

Now when I say best “free” tour there is, The Sufferfest runs the tour as a fundraiser where you can choose to donate and ride or trainer or ride your trainer at no cost. This years tour is benefiting the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s. 

If you choose to donate, you get entered into an AWESOME, seriously you'll need to check it out. The prize pool worth over $10,000! Prizes range from bike tours, carbon wheels, signed pro prizes, bike frames, and schwag.

Peak your interest? Awesome! Let’s check out the course, how it works, and how to participate in the social aspect of the tour.

                Stage 1, Saturday, January 24th: Elements of Style* + The Long Scream
                Duration: 1hr 10 minutes
                Stage 2, Sunday, January 25th: Blender
                Duration: 1hr 40 mins
                Stage 3, Monday, January 26th: Fight Club
                Duration: 1hr
                Stage 4, Tuesday, January 27th: Nine Hammers*
                Duration: 1hr
                Stage 5, Wednesday, January 28th: Angels**
                Duration: 1hr
                Stage 6, Thursday, January 29th: Local Hero
                Duration: 1hr 25 min
                Stage 7, Friday, January 30th: The Rookie
                Duration: 1 hr
Stage 8, Saturday, January 31st: Revolver + Violator + Half is Easy (Dame Alissa Memorial StageDuraiton: 2 hrs 25mins
For Fellow Knights and Dames, this one hits a little closer to home as Dame Alissa was struck by a truck during a ride. This stage has been dedicated to her and is the hardest stage ever in the tour.
Stage 9, Sunday, February 1st: ISLAGIATT*
Duration: 2hrs

How does it work?       
First, you’ll watch the prescribed video for the specific stage you are riding. Hop on the trainer and go at it!

There is no registration for this event, however if you do want to be eligible for prizes you must donate for the tour. If you do choose to donate, every $10 you’ll receive 1 ticket that makes you eligible for all the prizes.

Also, The Sufferfest doesn’t keep track of when you ride or how hard. You are a Sufferlandrian and will ride on Honor and Glory!

Each tour is one Sufferlandrian day, which means you have 50 hours. This mean that in theory the tour could last two weeks. This tour is meant to challenge you mentally and physically and even with the 50 hour window, it surely will!

Social Aspect

What tour or event isn’t complete without the social, comradery and let’s face it, trash talking! The Sufferfest has that all covered for you on Facebook!  Join the fun as the King himself, Sir David McQuillen (the guy who started it all) interacts with all of the Knights/Dames and Sufferlandrians throughout the tour. Follow other participants, cheer each other on and even see photos of pain caves, faces of death, and holy water (sweat)!

On the fence? Thinking about buying the videos? Click here or our banner ad to get the videos! Get off the couch and start your training. 

The Sufferfest: Downloadable cycling workout videos.

Get your legs moving, feel the pain again and have the 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria kick start your training! 

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